Binh Lu

I am a cleared Software Engineer with extensive experience in both Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning domains

I’ve worked with a number of teams and projects, and all that experience informs how I work today. I’m skilled not only in the technical side of my job, but also in the soft skills required to shepherd a team through a big project.

Working with me means working with someone always on the lookout for innovative solutions to old problems.

Work experience

Software Engineer Staff

Lockheed Martin - RMS / Aug 2013 - Present

As the National Cyber Range (NCR) Authorization Boundary (AB) Lead, I manage and guide the team in performing the following tasks: code releases (including PPR tracking, planning, development, management, release planning, release process, I&T team interface/hand off), system security patching for all systems including the 2.x Classified Range (CR), 2.x RSC, 3.x CR, 3.x RSC, 3.x IDE.

As the main NCR sanitization software developer who created the entire CTT-FAVS asset and component sanitization framework, starting with the genesis of the program in 2013 up to now in the main NCR program, I am an authority in the field of system/asset/component sanitization.

As the Integration & Test Lead at the LM Orlando RMS site during the early part of January, I guided the team through the PPR Verification and Acceptance Test Procedure Integration & Testing process in an efficient manner, getting to a successful completion on schedule, with all goals achieved.

As the recent graduate (Jan 2023) of the Lockheed Martin AI/ML Fundamentals - Phase 1 graduate, I have obtained working knowledge of various foundational topics in the field of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

As the participant in the current cohort of the Lockheed Martin AI/ML Fundamentals - Phase 2 Capstone Program, my goal is to investigate the application of OpenAI ChatGPT - like Large Language Model (LLM), such as the open source BLOOM LLM, and OpenAI Dall-E 2 - like image generator such as the Stable Diffusion image generator in a proprietary/secure work environment.

Software Engineer Senior

Lockheed Martin - RMS - Owego, NY / Jan 2001 - Aug 2013

Developed software for the Remote Computer Reader (RCR) program. My duties included leveraging my C and scripting skills in developing and enhancing the main application with its complex capabilities allowing users to manage all aspects of the USPS mail sortation process, from the scheduling to the image capturing to the optical character recognition (OCR) and the low-level machine interface.

Areas of expertise

Cyber Security Software Development
National Cyber Range (NCR)
Sanitization Development
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Software Development

Recent projects

Successfully investigated and created the sanitization primitive for the current Broadcom Emulex LPe35002-M2 FC HBA
Successfully modified the boot initramfs image of the LM Radiant Mercury cross-domain solution (CDS) software application/OS and inserted a proprietary driver, allowing it to boot when installed on a LUN mapped to an Emulex LPe35002-M2 FC HBA
As the main creator of the NCR SaniKit (sanitization development toolkit), I significantly customized the Rocky Linux 8.5 OS, successfully shaping it into the main NCR Node Sanitization OS currently in use.